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Re: [K12OSN] Multiplayer games possible?

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 18:54, Brad Mills wrote:
> Bill,
> I did a play-by-play, indeedie, we're not quite ready for prime time. 
> Of the below, BZFlag seems about it for now.
> ***
> >Bah! :^)  Okay, some may be too hard:
>   Advanced Strategic Command:  (RTS game)
>   http://www.asc-hq.org
>  3 errors; needs
> libparagui-1.-.so.0
> libphysfs-0.1.so.7
> libSDLmm-0.1.so.8

    Look for these on rpmfind.net; it'll tell you the obscure RPM name;
install and enjoy.  Sometimes it takes more than one.

    Try to stay away from tarballs; if there's an RPM, it's most likely
matured enough to be do-able without being a programmer.  There's plenty
of time to install tarballs of one-of-a-kind special programs that you
really need.  Using tarballs to install a stress-relieving game is like
making a bicycle out of tin cans.

    Google is your friend; are you using Galeon?  You can run the
'startup wizard' and make sure your rpmfind, google, and dictionaries in
a 'smart toolbar'.  I thought it was just flaky eye-candy, but it'll
search for something you cut-n-paste into the little box and press
return: you'll find it.  Very nice.

    Settle on one you really like, that has an RPM.  If you get stuck,
I'll walk you through it.

Brian Fahrländer          GNU/Linux Zealot, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                    My Voyage: http://www.CounterMoon.com
ICQ  5119262

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