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[K12OSN] Securing LTSP?

I have been reading everyone's emails on here and I must say I am impressed
with the amount of knowledge in this mailing list. I look forward to
learning much here.

We are going to be testing version 3.1.1 in a class room next year and are
very excited. We have been concerned with the privileges that the users
have. So I decided to test it, this is what I did.

I went and picked up some of my friends teenage kids and sat them down in
front of the terminal and told them to do their damage. They sat there for
about two hours and really enjoyed the fact that I told them to break
something. Over all they couldn't do to much, but a few errors came up with
the root user logs in. Below is a list of some questions I have if any one
could help me with them I would be very grateful.

1. How secure is the K12ltsp setup by default? What do you do when it is
setup with kids in class rooms?

2.I saw on the k12ltsp website about a script that will reset the desktop to
the default. I don't understand how this works. The directory (?/skel) is
empty. How do you set this up? What determines when the script will run?

3.When installing star office. What is the best way to do it? I mean what
directory do I install it too? Do I do it as root? How do I make sure that
all users can open it?

Sorry if these are all dump questions. I am really looking forward to
getting this up and running and sharing information I have on this mailing
list. Thanks for your help.

Kevin Christensen
Kuna School District

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