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Re: [K12OSN] NAT and DHCP

I know I can get DHCP ro ron on a computer with just one NIC but is it possible to get NAT tor work on the same server with just one NIC? I have a 248 mask at one of my buildings so I need to get DHCP and NAT working because I am installing a PArent Center Computer Lab here with 12 computers in it.

I believe the answer to this is yes. Just have this box as the default gateway for the
DHCP clients. I'm not sure about configuring NAT, but I'm sure there's a way to
have it do NATting with just 1 NIC.

If necessary you can create a virtual IP to forward the NAT stuff if it won't work
with just 1 IP. This virtual IP would then try to get to your real GW if possible.
ifconfig eth0:0

One problem with this though, since the clients are not forced to go through this box, then
this box can be bypassed. They can just make their default GW to be the real GW that the NAT
server is using; thereby bypassing the NAT server along with any other checks and balances that
you want to do on that server such as blocks, parental control, etc.

Richard Black

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