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[K12OSN] ms$ eula and trash me if you can ?.

Dear everybody...

I have only been on this list for about 10 days,- though I'm a old unix freak (since 1989) I still learn many things reading by reading _other_peoples_experiences_. (you are all cool people experienced or not !)

Using LTSP as a gateway to a Terminal server (that is RDP client runs on linux server and displaying on X-server / client). It seems that Microsoft did'nt really cover that in their eula ?-(end user licence agreement) 
(some sun people says that this works with sun rays,- though I'm I favour of Neoware devices)

Short referendum from eula :


    * "Device Software" allows a single personal computer,
      workstation, terminal, handheld computer, pager,
      telephone, personal digital assistant, or other
      electronic device ("Device") to access or use the Server

d. Terminal Server Client Access License ("TS CAL")
    Requirements.  In addition to a Windows CAL, if you wish
    to conduct a Windows Session, you must acquire a TS CAL for
    each User or Device.  A "Windows Session" means a session
    during which Server Software hosts a graphical user
    interface on a Device (whether via the TS component of
    the Server Software or via other technology).

    e. Types of TS CALs; TS CAL Licensing Modes.  Similar to
    Windows CALs, two different TS CALs are available to you: 
    "Device" and "User."  Each TS Device CAL permits one Device
    (used by any User) to conduct Windows Sessions on any of
    your Servers.  Each TS User CAL permits one User (using any
    Device) to conduct Windows Sessions on any of your Servers.
    You may use a mix of TS Device CALs and TS User CALs
    simultaneously with the Server Software.

       (i) In Per Device or Per User mode, a separate TS CAL is
       required for each Device or User that accesses or uses
       Server Software on any of your Servers.  You may
       reassign a TS CAL from one Device to another Device,
       or from one User to another User, provided the
       reassignment is made either (A) permanently away from
       the one Device or User or (B) temporarily to accommodate
       the use of the TS CAL by a loaner Device while a
       permanent Device is out of service, or the use of the 
       TS CAL by a temporary worker while a regular employee 
       is absent.

       (ii) Windows Sessions are not allowed in Per Server mode.
Snap /

After reading this about 15 times I think it's possible to _twist_ the client to be the Linux Terminal server instead of the X-server running on the client,- as the linux terminal server accesses/uses the "windows session" on the server,- and merely redistributes the clients/device interface..

Any remarks on this one ? or did anyone investigate on that ?

Venlig hilsen
Jan Kaspersen
Nextsystem A/S
Lyngbygårdsvej 143
2800 Kgs. Lyngby 

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