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Re: [K12OSN] NAT and DHCP


It's possible I don't understand what you are hoping to accomplish, but
running NAT with just one NIC doesn't make logical sense.  Normally, NAT
(network address translation) is used to aggregate traffic from one
and forward it to another network (on separate network interfaces).  The
device performing the NAT keeps track of the translation tables so it can
forward return traffic to the correct destination on the originating

If you are trying to use your server as a router/gateway without having a
separate interface to each network, I don't know of a way to make this
work.  What I'm picturing you might want is an internet connection,
server, and terminals all connected to a single hub and the server
forwarding internet traffic for the terminals.  The usual approach is to
have the outside network come in to one interface on the server, and have
the inside network on another interface on the server.

Sorry if I've run on....  I've just been trying to figure out what you're
after.   ;)


Robert Morrison, P.Eng.

Morix Technologies Inc.
e-mail: rob morix ca   web:  www.morix.ca
Phone:  780-455-5580  Cell:  780-995-6738
Fax:    780-453-3554

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