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Re: [K12OSN] NAT and DHCP

There is nothing else to be running on this box.  It's purpose is a 
fileserver and DHCP/NAT.  May run terminal services but not at this time.

I tried to get NAT to work but when I
 service nat start

the network goes away.
then I stop it and the network comes back.

I'll keep poking at it. . .

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Richard Black wrote:

> >
> >
> >I know I can get DHCP ro ron on a computer with just one NIC but is it 
> >possible to get NAT tor work on the same server with just one NIC?  I have 
> >a 248 mask at one of my buildings so I need to get DHCP and NAT working 
> >because I am installing a PArent Center Computer Lab here with 12 
> >computers in it.
> >  
> >
> I believe the answer to this is yes.  Just have this box as the default 
> gateway for the
> DHCP clients.  I'm not sure about configuring NAT, but I'm sure there's 
> a way to
> have it do NATting with just 1 NIC.
> If necessary you can create a virtual IP to forward the NAT stuff if it 
> won't work
> with just 1 IP.  This virtual IP would then try to get to your real GW 
> if possible.
> Example:
> ifconfig eth0:0
> One problem with this though, since the clients are not forced to go 
> through this box, then
> this box can be bypassed.  They can just make their default GW to be the 
> real GW that the NAT
> server is using; thereby bypassing the NAT server along with any other 
> checks and balances that
> you want to do on that server such as blocks, parental control, etc.
> >  
> >

Doug Simpson
Technology Specialist
DeQueen Public Schools
DeQueen, AR 71832
simpsond leopards k12 ar us
Tux for President!

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