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Re: [K12OSN] dhcpd on fresh LTSP3.1.1 running, but no offers

On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 10:14, Richard Black wrote:

> If you can't figure it out from the logs or from /tftpboot, then try 
> running ethereal and watch

i have puzzled over this quite a bit... there are no other DHCP servers
running on this network (there used to be one, but i checked and it's
off)...  watched ethereal see the PXE's MAC address go bye, LTSP did a
DHCP offer, but it never made it to the i810 PXE machine. it then just
went back and forth like that for about a minute, at which point the PXE
box just gives up, and says "please insert a boot floppy in disk A."

since i sometimes operate on the principle of changing too many things
at a time, in desperation i put the old 10mbit hub back in (having
freshly replaced it with a Dlink DES 1009g to give the clients a gigabit
backbone to the also new Intel 10/100/1000 in the LTSP server.  AND IT
WORKED. it wasn't getting past DHCP, so i knew (hoped?) it shouldn't be
X problems.

thinking earlier that perhaps the ARP table in the switch was somehow
confused, i had several times swapped cables around, reset the switch,
etc. most puzzling to me? is that this switch works fine on a couple of
PC's with a NIC, it just doesn't seem to talk PXE to i810's onboard NIC?

i'm fairly new to the i810 also, BTW, and am having probs choosing right
X/mouse things, but haven't tried them all yet. since it's all USB, some
work, but a Logitech wireless only has vertical travel? watching it's
bootup go by, looks like it's only using 4 meg for vid ram, even though
i put XSERVER            = i810 and
X_VIDEORAM = 32768 in the X config.

so the main problem now? the new DES 1009G switch sees the i840 NIC, but
does not appear to pass PXE. i found that Dlink had 24/7 support, so i
happily called them @ 4am, but this switch is mon-friday support only. i
could put a 5 1/4" etherboot floppy in it, just to be twisted, i guess.

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