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Re: [K12OSN] login problem

PAM problem?  It could be that there are no authentication modules set up
for "login" that require passwords, but it isn't loggin you in with
anything else either.  Tryin running login from a shell.


On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Doug Simpson wrote:

> Hi all!
> This is a new one!  All of a sudden a server started doing this with no
> changes that I know of. . .
> It is set to boot to runlevel 3 (console) and when you key a username and
> press enter it immediately comes back to the login prompt.  Never asks for
> a password or anything.
> If you shutdown (ctrl-alt-del) it does down and if you start it up into
> runlevel 5 (X) it gets to the login screen and lets you login.
> The way I got it to boot to runlevel 5 was to catch it and use the linux
> single parameter at boot time, then at the bash prompt types init 5 and
> that made it come up into X and login and everything works fine.
> I can also ssh into it from anywhere and it works fine.. . .
> What gives?
> Thanks
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