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Re: [K12OSN] Securing LTSP?

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, Kevin Christensen wrote:

>1. How secure is the K12ltsp setup by default? 

Less secure than some, more secure than others ;-)

K12LTSP is pretty much the same as a stock RH install. One difference
is that XDM is turned on, which could be considered a security risk.

>2.I saw on the k12ltsp website about a script that will reset the desktop to
>the default. I don't understand how this works. The directory (?/skel) is
>empty. How do you set this up? What determines when the script will run?

When you log in, you select different "sessions". One of these sessions
is "Reset Your Desktop". It works by deleting the old settings and copying
over the defaults. BTW, /etc/skel is not empty, it is just that the files
you have in there are all hidden (try "ls -la /etc/skel/"). 

This "reset your desktop" feature is not a security risk, user's can
only alter their own configuration files.


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