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[K12OSN] Using Samba on terminal for floppy / CD access ?

Hello group,

Just a thought, has anyone considered or toyed with using Samba on the
terminal client to expose its local floppy and CD drives?  In the Samba
configuration, "prexec" and "postexec" directives can be used to mount and
unmount the local devices before and after use.  For security, Samba on the
terminal client could also be directed to allow connections only from the
terminal server machine.  A server-side script would be used to make the
appropriate smbmounts.

I've read a good deal about the NBD and Enhanced NBD projects.  I just
wonder if this isn't overkill.  The need I see for terminal local drive
access within K12LTSP is along the lines of students bringing in their
homework on 3.5" disks and instructors distributing classroom materials on
CD.  Public file-sharing between two machines is adequate to fill this need
... and simple.  The NBD projects take file-sharing one step further and
make the remote device (or file) appear as if it were a local device ...
complex.  Whereas this is necessary for real-time remote disk mirroring and
device fail-over, it seems overkill for file sharing, and it does come with
its own unique set of hurdles.

Using Samba client-side would have a few hurdles as well -- including Samba
in the LTSP terminal file system, configuring it appropriately at terminal
boot time, starting the Samba services, and mapping/unmapping drives
server-side as the users login/logout.  I believe I can accomplish some of
this, but has anyone thought this through in depth and found overwhelming

All thoughts/comments appreciated,

Kyle Herbert

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