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Re: [K12OSN] NIS (or other) authentication

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 13:11, John McQuilliams wrote:
> Gentlemen
> We are in the planning stages of having all student homework done via the net ( as of this year all students must have a computer or access to one in their home ) The school will have control of all computers allowed into the student network. A question was asked, how can we best maintain an adequate security that would eliminate students accessing to others files given the proper password.
> Is there a circuit on the computer that can be configured to identify the sending computer that is reasonable tamper proof. I:E adjustable only by qualified personell either at time of installation or via the web. The idea being the router filter would not allow access if both id's did not match ( personal ID & computer ID.
> Any suggestions welcome

The easiest one would be the MAC address of the NIC in the machine, if
they have one. I am not entirely clear on your scenario though. So the
students will bring machines to school to connect directly to the
school's LAN, or are you talking strictly about limiting access to Jane
Student's files to a single computer, presumably the one in her home? So
for instance, Jane couldn't go over to her friend's house for a study
session and be able to access her files from there? What if she has two
computers at home?
I really think that a username / password combination would be
sufficient, unless your students are writing papers that could have a
detrimental effect on national security if they fell into the wrong
hands... ;) I assume you are looking for this security to stop cheating.
I would just expand your cheating rules to specifically address the
issues that this service would raise, and make sure that the students
know you're watching. I had a huge problem with students using P2P apps
at school two years ago, but once a few of them got busted and they
realized I was keeping tabs on that sort of thing, the problem
practically disappeared. Nobody likes getting into trouble, and a
technical solution to a problem is not always the best one.
Incidentally, I am looking at implementing a similar service next year.
What software are you using to facilitate remote access to their files?
I assume it is some sort of web front end?

-Quentin Hartman-

Academic Computing and Networking Services Coordinator
Fern Ridge School District 28J
Elmira, OR
Office: 541-935-2253 x429
Cell: 541-914-2989
qhartman lane k12 or us

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