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Re: [K12OSN] ldap problems...HELP!!!

That sux. Firstly, my money says it's hardware. You could look in
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_time. The default is 7200 but you could
decrease it. But that probably isn't it by looking at the other problems.
I wonder if something's not just grabbing a bunch of resources and causing
your shells to be dropped.

Looks very sticky. I think the first step is to see if something is indeed
hogging resources spontaniously. It would be nice if you had a way to log
processes that took over a certain percentage of resources for a certain
period of time. In your case...maybe 10 seconds or so.

Back to the real world....I say its hardware. Literally anything could be
causing it. Primarily hard drives but I have seen certain hardware raid
setups do funny things like that.

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Fordyce, AR 71742

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