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Re: [K12OSN] Login prompt on console

Sounds like mingetty either:

a) isn't working
b) setup wrong
c) isn't finding the login program.

rpm --verify mingetty
rpm --verify util-linux

Also, go into /etc/inittab, and add the --noclear option to mingetty, this
way if it is spitting out errors, it will tell you after you give it

Finally, it could be a problem with your login settings for pam.

If --noclear doesn't help, you can email me with,




and I'll help you out some more.


On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Doug Simpson wrote:

> I sent a message a few days ago about login prompt problems on a linux
> server.
> If you boot to runlevel 3 (console) you get a login prompt but it won't
> take anything.  Soon as you press enter after your username, it goes right
> back to the same login prompt instead of asking for the password.  If you
> boot to runlevel 5(X) you get a login screen, and it takes your username
> and password and runs fine.  If you alt-Fx to another virtual console, it
> won;t allow you to login, just goes back to the login prompt after your
> username.
> ssh into the computer works fine. where can I start to look for the cause
> of this?
> Thanks
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