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Re: [K12OSN] Server Purchase Question

On Saturday, May 31, 2003, at 12:26 AM, Tim Litwiller wrote:

cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us wrote:

> Unfortunately, the politics of the district have ruled this type of

solution out. :( The school board "knows" what a Dell is, and want to
know they have spent money well, blah blah blah. (I know, it's my job
to convince them *what* is worth bragging about, but we all know some
battles aren't worth fighting) To be honest, a generic solution would
be my favorite option.

I can see where custom built systems would have their applications, but I
wouldn't complain about a Dell. They've got great hardware and the service
is the best. It's nice to have a company that backs you up like that cause
hey....stuff happens. :-)

Schools here in Kansas have a different opinion of Dell, we had 4 school districs went Dell about 4 years ago, they are all back to to in the process of getting back to either HP, Compaq or custom built servers. In the words of one I talked to this week "Dell support was great for the first year we delt with them, but when a real disaster happens they drop you like a hot potatoe"

I attended a High School in the Shawnee Mission district in KS and was able to help the Sys-op for a semester during my senior year. When Compaq won the bid over Dell for new workstations for the year, the lack of quality really showed. It was so bad that even the UPS man figured out not to buy a Compaq due to the frequency of his visits with replacement parts. On the rare occasion that something did break, Dell was a lot better at getting things fixed.

Just some thoughts for the mixing pot

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