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[K12OSN] Need Help Compiling Etherboot Roms

Hi all,

I have a problem. In the computer lab I help
administer, we recieved a bunch of old Compaq Deskpro
XL (486-66 with scsi and on board ethernet, and
sound). It would be really nice to get these systems
running since our shcool has no money for computer
projects. Here is my problem:

I have about 20 Compaq Deskpro XL 5133s that work with
etherboot. They have a PCnet LANCE PCI Ethernet
Controller. These controllers have a PCI ID of
0x1022,0x2000, that is on the PCI card list on
The Compaq Deskpro XL 466 does not work with etherboot
because it uses the PCnet Ethernet & SCSI Ctrlr which
has a PCI ID of 0x1022,0x2040. This id is not on the
etherboot NIC list. 

My solution was to download etherboot and add the
PCnet Ethernet & SCSI Ctrlr to the NIC list and
compile the driver. I've downloaded etherboot and
added a line in the NIC file so etherboot can reconise
the Deskpro XL 466's ethernet controler. Then I
compiled etherboot. The compile went ok but when I
tried to run etheboot on the Deskpro XL 466, it
wouldn't run. I think im compilining the etherboot
wrong and need some help.

Can someone with experiance compiling etherboot roms
help me? Thanks in advance.


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