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Re: [K12OSN] clusetKnoppix (LTSP+openMosix live server CD)


I did install on the hard drive and ran /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalserver ( there is no file /etc/init.d/knoppix-terminalopenmosixserver)
The system goes through the setup , ethernet interface, range, etc and when I start the WS stations I get "can't NFSmount KNOPPIX filesystem" ... any suggestions...


clusterknoppix bofh be wrote:
On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 08:37:30PM -0700, James Jensen wrote:
Hmm, I have it installed to HDD on a box I will have to take a look.  I was
more concerned at that time with getting my video settings adjusted.  Let's
see what Wim Vandersmissen says on this since he's the mastermind that put
this excellent product together...

You give me too much credit, all the hard work has been done by Knopper and
the openMosix team :)

Now, there is indeed a problem with running the terminalserver from harddisk
(this was not my initial idea to do and therefor I haven't look very much
into it).

But the same problem exists ofcourse also with Knoppix, and there are some 
people looking for a solution. 

Read the second post of omak on http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2533 

To start the terminalserver after clusterknoppix is installed on HD run

About ext3, i've got some reports that ext3 seems to be working again (haven't
tested that myself yet)


Wim, any suggestions or advice on running clusterKnoppix from HDD?


James Jensen

--- Norbert <bear2bar netscape net> wrote:
Hi James,

Thanks for the links of info, however there is a problem ... the second
link, http://bofh.be/clusterknoppix/doc/xx.html, displays a KDE desktop
with a menu item "KNOPPIX" with extensions. I installed on my HD KNOPPIX
V3.2003-05-20 and I do not have that menu item. (A search found
Next the configurations goes well, except for selecting "squid -
therefore excluded" and the workstations bootup to an error "can't
NFSmount KNOPPIX filesystem" I 've searched for this error message in the
archives, FAQ, forums, etc..., without any results.
Can you (or anyone) help explain and resolve this?

Thank you for any assistance.


James Jensen <jmsjnsnsatx yahoo com> wrote:

clusterKnoppix can be used as thin-client server.  You do NOT have to
install it on any of your thin-clients.  Just boot the clusterKnoppix CD
your "server" and the thin-clients can then boot from it just as they
>from an LTSP/K12LTSP server (once you do the configure).  Works great.
See the docs at:

You can install clusterKnoppix to hdd using the included knx-hdinstall
command.  You will need about 2GB of HDD space plus space for your
swapfile.  Very easy, just be sure to install with ext2 or ReiserFS
only--XFS and ext3 won't work.

I just loaded clusterKnoppix on a machine today with ReiserFS.  A couple
things to tweak, for example: you need to adjust your keyboard layout
settings (I did this in KDE Control Panel), and the video settings need
be customized for your particular video hardware in XF86Config file...

I like ext3 so I will reload using ext2 and then attempt to convert it
ext3 and see if it works out:

...another thing to do will be to create seperate partitions for various
aspects of the system (/home, /etc, /var, etc.) and move them from the
knoppix root partition on the HDD.

James Jensen

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