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Re: [K12OSN] win4lin

Call or email a sales person at Win4Lin. They gave me a 30 day demo not too long ago of NSSE.

I want to install a LTSP in the school where I work, but the teachers are
completely Windows dependent. I want to install Win4lin to make the transition
easier but I have some doubts. There is no evaluation version of win4lin so
I can't test some things and I have to ask somebody (you ;-) ).

I want the terminals running exactly as they were Windows workstations, with
acess to the local drives (floppy and cd) and soundcard. I want to share
most of the Windows installation (with symlinks). Can I make it with a
Win4lin Workstation Edition in the LTSP server or do I need the Win4lin
Terminal Server (NSSE) and a licence to each LTSP node?

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