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[K12OSN] Boot Disk reward: $100

Greetings colleagues, masters and lurkers

In spite of the fact that I have not seen this done before, perhaps one of
our list members/friends could use a stimuli/extra spending cash to provide
a working answer for my needs.

I use K12LTSP servers, and had stated in an earlier post that internal DHCP
for the Thin Clients is not going to be allowed by my district.

So, the question of how to load each thin client comes up. I am convinced
that we can turn the DHCP off, and give each terminal a linux booting
floppy that
gives the box an IP (from a given range) and also gives it the LTSP
server IP address so that loading can continue. In other words, what I
am looking for is a floppy based distribution which is able to focus
soley on booting to a point where the network card module can be loaded,
the network configured where NFS or some other file sharing mechanism is
able to allow access to the server across the network to complete the
booting sequence.

What would be ideal is a booting floppy that when inserted asks for two
things: the ip of the LTSP server and  the ip it should assign itself.
Then it communicates and completes the load... How difficult can this
be, right? A "real" Linux challenge...

I will send a $100 money order to the user that emails me an image I can
mount and try with my boxes (realtech NICs) - the offer is good until that
objective is accomplished. At that time I'll post the name of the person
and perhaps make available the code to all (the developer may want
royaltie$ - I'm game)

Alan A Hodson
aahodson episd org
ahodson elp rr com
El Paso ISD. TX

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