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Re: [K12OSN] Recommended thin client hardware

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

leadman.com has 6 branches in us. i buy via eden boards there for $93
apiece (qty 20) and plain vanilla microtowers for $20 (when they have a
sale, otherwise, $26). i get 32MB stics from comoutersurplusoutlet.com for
$4 or $5 apiece. if i want an nice case, small casetronics box is $75,
although i squeeze my supplier to get it at $65 promised me when i ordered
first 100. so, on the low side, $120 plus labor on the high side $165 plus
labor. i did get a few of them at $142 on sale at leadman - mobo in
casetronic box, no memory. anybody tries to charge you more than $200,
call me, i'll build them for you. btw, 256MB is overkill, i have no
problems with 32MB, but for $7 more you can have 128MB. julius

btw, if there is enough interest, i can get my hardware support guys build
as many as necessary. $200 is unfortunately my break even point, so no can
do for less. i would of course execute the warranty on them (1 year
replacement, outgoing freight.

Julius - you might get more business than you bargained for here! But, for guys like me (DIYers) will just follow your advice and build our own. I still can't convince myself to build one for that price when I can find perfectly acceptable used PII and PIII machines for about $20 - $30 (US$). I DO want to build a lab with nice, new sleek thinclients, but more importantly I want to build as many labs as I can for my district, so the older used machines are what I use.

On Sat, 31 May 2003, Paul D. Eden wrote:

I just bought three mini-itx main-boards with 2688 cases and 256Mb RAM
assembled them, and put them on my server.
Up and running - no installation at all.

Would you mind mentioning were you bought them from and if you think you
got a good price?  I am having a little difficulty finding a good

Check out the prices for pre-assembled and in parts. I was able to the
the components much cheaper than the same as in complete maschines, so
I assembled myself.

I did notice that pre-assembled seemed to be in the $350 to $400 range
while I am pretty sure I can build for less than $300.

I am pretty sold on building, but I am still trying to find a good

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