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Re: [K12OSN] Server Purchase Question

Schools here in Kansas have a different opinion of Dell, we had 4 school districs went Dell about 4 years ago, they are all back to to in the process of getting back to either HP, Compaq or custom built servers.
In the words of one I talked to this week "Dell support was great for the first year we delt with them, but when a real disaster happens they drop you like a hot potatoe"

I have had similar experience in trying to get support for the Dell desktops I have in district. We only have about 12 from Dell, and two of them have had hardware problems. Both times it was like pulling teeth to get them to authorize an RMA. I think their support is geared too much towards dealing with Joe and Jane Consumer, so they have erected so many hoops, it becomes a real PITA for anyone who knows what they're talking about. Unless of course you buy the Gold Support package.... Bah. My poor (albeit limited) experience with their support was the secondary reason I chose not to go with them on this recent server purchase. The primary was the aforementioned $1500 premium on the configuration I wanted. If what I experienced is any indicator, Dell's (desktop) hardware isn't really all that great, and their support is mediocre at best.


-Quentin Hartman-
Academic Computing and Networking Services Coordinator
Fern Ridge School District 28J
Elmira, OR
Office: 541-935-2253 x429
Cell: 541-914-2989
qhartman lane k12 or us

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