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Re: [K12OSN] win4lin

Actually, you can get an evaluation license that's good for 30 days; I just sent them a an email saying I wanted to test it (to see if a certain app would run on it) and they sent me a license code that expires after 30 days.

As for what you want to do with Win4Lin, I can say that the sound does work. I haven't tried the local drive access; the floppy should work, I think, but I'm not certain about the CD drive. I'll check it out and post a follow-up. As for sharing an installation, Win4Lin puts some files in each person's home directory, so everyone who is going to use it will have to go through a bit of an installation process, that includes the Windows installation (but you don't need the Windows CD for any but the first install, as the files are already on the hard drive after the first install). When I asked them about multiple people using a single Win4Lin installation, they said you just have to make sure you're licensed for simultaneous use. In my case, it will be just my wife, me or my daughter, and I don't see us ever wanting to use Windows at the same time, so a single license should be enough. But if you're talking about a bunch of teachers simultaneously accessing Win4Lin, then NSSE may make more sense. One other reason to look into NSSE is I believe it allows you to serve out individual Windows apps without the user needing to look at a whole Windows desktop to see the app.

As for the teachers being Windows dependent, depending on the apps, they may not be able to tell the difference. I have seen, as have others, people sit down in front of OpenOffice and if they notice any difference from MS Office, which they often don't, they just assume it's a different version, but then quickly adapt. The point is, don't tell them it's not Windows until after they've been using it for a while because they may not notice the difference.


Áncor González Sosa wrote:

I want to install a LTSP in the school where I work, but the teachers are
completely Windows dependent. I want to install Win4lin to make the transition
easier but I have some doubts. There is no evaluation version of win4lin so
I can't test some things and I have to ask somebody (you ;-) ).

I want the terminals running exactly as they were Windows workstations, with
acess to the local drives (floppy and cd) and soundcard. I want to share
most of the Windows installation (with symlinks). Can I make it with a
Win4lin Workstation Edition in the LTSP server or do I need the Win4lin
Terminal Server (NSSE) and a licence to each LTSP node?


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