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[K12OSN] LTSP Expansion

I have to get some advice from you guys...but before I do I must let you
know some more about my current setup.

We're running 60 thinknic terminals (3 per classroom) in our elementary
building. These run from our Terminal Server in our Tech Office (in the
High School). We run HP Procurve 4000 switches everywhere in this district
and each building averages 2. The terminals go back to a vlan setup on one
of the elementary building's switches and then from that switch they go
via a fiber pair back to our tech office to a vlan on one of our switches
and then to our server.

We're adding onto our elementary 20 more classrooms to accomodate our
grammar school (k-3). We're getting another server and more terminals
(probably 60 more). The main problem here is I only have that one pair of
fiber I can use to go back to the building. There won't be an acceptable
place in that building that I can store that server. SO...I'll probably be
ordering a rackmount dell server and adding it to that same
vlan....somehow. My question is: How's the best way to go about doing
this? Is there a way I could just run DHCP on my current server and
somehow have it point the other clients to the other server? Is there a
better way?

Caleb Wagnon MCP A+
Network Administrator
Fordyce Public Schools
Fordyce, Arkansas 71742
(870) 352-2968

Fordyce Public Schools Redbugmail System.
   "Fordyce----Home of the Redbugs!!"

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