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Re: [K12OSN] Boot Disk reward: $100

Well, I don't know how you are going to accomplish that with a rom-o-matic
boot image, but what if you modify your dhcp.conf file and assign specific
addresses to specific NIC MAC addresses.  Yes, I know, the protest would be
that you are running your own internal DHCP server--but not really as
nothing would be dynamically assigned.  All of the addresses would be
static, the same box would get the same address every time.

Just a thought, FWIW...

James Jensen

--- Alan A Hodson <ahodson elp rr com> wrote:
> Greetings colleagues, masters and lurkers
> In spite of the fact that I have not seen this done before, perhaps one
> of
> our list members/friends could use a stimuli/extra spending cash to
> provide
> a working answer for my needs.
> I use K12LTSP servers, and had stated in an earlier post that internal
> for the Thin Clients is not going to be allowed by my district.
> So, the question of how to load each thin client comes up. I am convinced
> that we can turn the DHCP off, and give each terminal a linux booting
> floppy that
> gives the box an IP (from a given range) and also gives it the LTSP
> server IP address so that loading can continue. In other words, what I
> am looking for is a floppy based distribution which is able to focus
> soley on booting to a point where the network card module can be loaded,
> the network configured where NFS or some other file sharing mechanism is
> able to allow access to the server across the network to complete the
> booting sequence.
> What would be ideal is a booting floppy that when inserted asks for two
> things: the ip of the LTSP server and  the ip it should assign itself.
> Then it communicates and completes the load... How difficult can this
> be, right? A "real" Linux challenge...
> I will send a $100 money order to the user that emails me an image I can
> mount and try with my boxes (realtech NICs) - the offer is good until
> that
> objective is accomplished. At that time I'll post the name of the person
> and perhaps make available the code to all (the developer may want
> royaltie$ - I'm game)
> Cheers
> Alan A Hodson
> aahodson episd org
> ahodson elp rr com
> El Paso ISD. TX
> 915-587-1172
> -=o=-
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