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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Expansion

--- cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us wrote:
> I have to get some advice from you guys...but before I do I must let you
> know some more about my current setup.
> We're running 60 thinknic terminals (3 per classroom) in our elementary
> building. These run from our Terminal Server in our Tech Office (in the
> High School). We run HP Procurve 4000 switches everywhere in this
> district
> and each building averages 2. The terminals go back to a vlan setup on
> one
> of the elementary building's switches and then from that switch they go
> via a fiber pair back to our tech office to a vlan on one of our switches
> and then to our server.
> We're adding onto our elementary 20 more classrooms to accomodate our
> grammar school (k-3). We're getting another server and more terminals
> (probably 60 more). The main problem here is I only have that one pair of
> fiber I can use to go back to the building. There won't be an acceptable
> place in that building that I can store that server. SO...I'll probably
> be
> ordering a rackmount dell server and adding it to that same
> vlan....somehow. My question is: How's the best way to go about doing
> this? Is there a way I could just run DHCP on my current server and
> somehow have it point the other clients to the other server? Is there a
> better way?
> -- 
> Caleb Wagnon MCP A+
> Network Administrator
> Fordyce Public Schools
> Fordyce, Arkansas 71742
> (870) 352-2968

I think your idea sounds reasonable.  I believe (from several earlier
postings on this list) that this is what larger installations do?  There
are *so* many options to dhcpd.conf, I'm sure something could be worked
out.  I don't specifically have the answer for you, but you might have a
look at the dhcpd.conf manpage, it will either confuse you to no end or
point you in the right direction (I hope!):


I'm betting someone has jumped this hurdle already and can post a sample
config for all to enjoy...

James Jensen
Go Spurs Go!

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