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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Expansion

 > Since these are modular switches, we'll need to know if you are
> running them on 100mb or 1000mb in this specific case. In either case,
> we'll need to know the current utilization of the connection between
> this middle school and the high school.
100mb fx module. The whole switch is 100mb. I could get a gbit module I
suppose but it would only be going from the switch to the server for what
good it would do. Channel bonding is cheaper.

> If you have two vlans on the same fiber, will *need* two different  DHCP
> settings (either two different DHCP servers or two different subnet
> configurations on one server; it's easy either way). Since you will need
> two different DHCP settings, it is easy to point one to LTSP server A
> and the other to LTSP server B... such as.... (sample config on one DHCP
> server)
I'll also note that this fiber isn't shared with anything else. Each
building has its own pair coming from our office. The elementary has its
own pair as well. The pair I'm using for LTSP is another completely
separate pair going to the elementary building and only LTSP is on it. As
far as exact utilization numbers I don't have those right now. I'm a
little blurry on how the pxe clients happen to know which subnet they
belong on? Which server to answer to? Do you just set dhcp to somehow
answer only to machines that have static entries in the file or something
cause I could see how THAT would work. I know I'm being thick :-)

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