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Re: [K12OSN] win4lin

NSSE, also known as Win4Lin Terminal Server (WTS), is basically a server version of Win4Lin. Win4Lin allows you to run Windows and Windows apps on top of Linux. But the workstation version is designed for single-user installations. WTS is designed to run on a server and provide Windows apps to a bunch of remote clients, just like LTSP. Seems to me that WTS costs about $100 per concurrent user, which, if you have Windows apps that get only intermittent use, can save you some money. It's a cheaper way of doing what Citrix does. See http://www.netraverse.com/products/wts/?PHPSESSID=ed773aa632d17e9959dd60415132426e

(NSSE is the old name, I think, which used to stand for Netraverse S??? Server Edition).


Doug Gough wrote:

Could you please explain what NSSE is, or provide a link to it? I'm very

Doug Gough

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But if you're talking about a bunch of teachers simultaneously accessing Win4Lin, then

NSSE may make more sense. One other reason to look into NSSE is I believe it allows you to serve out individual Windows apps without the user needing to look at a whole Windows desktop to see the app.

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