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Re: [K12OSN] workstation loads apps more slowly than server console

Try another hub/switch or another network card in the client.  Obviously the 
console does not really use the network like the client does.  I had 
purchased a cheap switch from office depot when I started testing LTSP about 
a year ago.  I suspected it was slower than my normal gear that I use at 
home.  I was convinced one day when I had to replace the cheap switch and 
replace it with another.  Apps suddenly loaded much faster than before.  
Since the network is really your most crucial point it makes sense to get 
good network gear.  Especially in the swithcing dept.


On Tuesday 03 June 2003 09:29 am, Petre Scheie wrote:
> I had version 3.0.1 installed on a Compaq ML370 w/dual 2.8Ghz processors
> and 4GB of RAM in our test lab and was using an old P166 and some 750Mhz
> Dell OptiPlex machines as clients a few weeks back.  It worked
> wonderfully and there didn't seem to be any difference in how quickly an
> app loaded on the console vs. the P166.  I got approval to do further
> testing outside the lab (lab doesn't have access to our mail server,
> e.g.) so I installed the 3.0.1 on my 1Ghz Dell OptiPlex desktop, with a
> 40GB IDE drive and 512MB RAM, added a second ethernet card (10/100Mb
> RealTek 8139), and brought the P166 along for a client.  I'm using the
> console as my workstation and that works fine.   What's puzzling me is
> that apps take noticibly longer to load on the client than on the
> console.  For example, Mozilla takes just 4 seconds to load on the
> console, but 9 seconds on the P166 client; MS Word under CrossOver
> Office takes 3 seconds on the console, but 14 seconds on the client.
> Why would this be?  Since the apps are all running on the server, such
> as it is, I'd think the load time would be the same.  Of course, in the
> client's case the display of the app has to go over the network wire,
> but both machines have 100Mb ethernet cards, the Linksys hub they're
> plugged into shows them connecting at 100Mb, and there aren't any other
> machines using the hub, so I don't think network bandwidth is the issue.
>   Just to be sure, I tried a crossover cable between the P166 and my
> server/desktop, which made no difference.  The P166 is pretty old,
> obviously, and the video card in it is just an old Diamond
> something-or-other PCI card w/2MB of RAM.  I'm not sure what the Dell
> has, as it's on-board, but the machine is just two years old.   Any idea
> why there would be such a performance difference?
> Petre
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