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[K12OSN] Kernel modules for 2.4.19 gone?


I upgraded to k12ltsp 3.02 from 3.01 (I had experimentet a lot with the
old install so I wanted a clean install) No it seams like the
/lib/modules/2.4.19-ltsp-1 directory is gone. I have the 2.4.18 left,
wich the server seems to use, but the clients boot at 2.4.19, and
without those modules I cant use the sound on the clients. How do I fix
this? I have used synaptic to upgrade after the install and I made a
pretty straight forward install without changing any packages from what
was suggested.

Another (not big) problem is, I can't find out how to tell the clients
*not to* try to mount the abifonts. I cleaned the path from /etc/exports
but that didn't help. Since I didn´t install abisuite (it's enough with
OpenOffice) i don´t need them and anyway I don't like the error in the
logs complaining about those fonts.

Thanks for doing such a good job on translating k12ltsp. It works very
nice in swedish to. It's merely Mozilla and the login splash for k12ltsp
I would like to have in swedish now.

Regards   /George

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