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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Expansion

On Tue, 3 Jun 2003 cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us wrote:

>> If you have two vlans on the same fiber, will *need* two different  DHCP
>> settings (either two different DHCP servers or two different subnet
>> configurations on one server; it's easy either way). Since you will need
>> two different DHCP settings, it is easy to point one to LTSP server A
>> and the other to LTSP server B... such as.... (sample config on one DHCP
>> server)
>I'll also note that this fiber isn't shared with anything else. Each
>building has its own pair coming from our office. The elementary has its
>own pair as well. The pair I'm using for LTSP is another completely
>separate pair going to the elementary building and only LTSP is on it. As
>far as exact utilization numbers I don't have those right now. I'm a
>little blurry on how the pxe clients happen to know which subnet they
>belong on? Which server to answer to? Do you just set dhcp to somehow
>answer only to machines that have static entries in the file or something
>cause I could see how THAT would work. I know I'm being thick :-)

I missed a part... DHCP is broadcast-based, by default it does not
cross networks. You need to configure the router between the two
networks to forward the DHCP packages or you need to setup a DHCP
relay on the remote network. 

The DHCP server in K12LTSP has a relay. I believe the syntax is:

	/usr/sbin/dhcrealy your.dhcp.server &

The DHCP server is smart enough to see where the DHCP request came
from and hands back an IP address in the corresponding range.


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