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Re: [K12OSN] bootable CD

>> Maybe someone can give me an idea on where to start on this.
>> We have one school using a small lab with ThinkNIC clients and a linux
>> server.  Everything is OK there
>> Another school has there ThinkNIC spread out throughout the school and
>> they boot from a CD supplied by Oracle as part of a grant.  Problem is
>> they no longer supply updates for the CDs and we have some new
>> software (web based) that requires Flash v6  the CDs we have are
>> version 5... Now here's the question....Is there a way to create a
>> bootable linux CD that on has a web browser and flash, etc.
>> Any and all suggestion welcomed

We have 60 thinknic terminals. We also have web based curriculum called
lightspan that requires flash 6 and shockwave. LTSP was the way to go for

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