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Re: [K12OSN] Help on s3 Trio Video Card

I had a problem with some computers with the s3 video
chipset on the motherboard. The video was fine but
there were lines and sometimes blocks on the screen. I
decided to turn off the acceleration.  You do this by
putting in your lts.conf file X_DEVICE_OPTION_01 =
"NoAccel" or X_OPTION_DEVICE_01 = "NoAccel" (can't
remeber which one is correct since I can't look at the
server). I hope this helps.


--- vcare <vcarecrc vsnl com> wrote:
> I am using XF86_S3 driver for onbard s3 card , but i
> don't get display
> proper when i load Open-office , all fonts are
> distrubed.
> There is some HArdware Acceleration setting which
> gives the display
> proper ,
> I am stuck at what exact entry to be added In  LTs
> conf ????
> Rest application works perfect only probelm is of
> Open-office.
> Very urgent
> Regards
> Dinesh
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