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Re: [K12OSN] <OT> big companies was:RPM Segmentation Fault (we'vecovered this somewhere)

Pleased to meet you Matt.

Yes, Bird is well respected here in New Zealand - one of the mainstays from wayyyy back. I have not seen a Bird test instrument in, oooooo, 15 years.

Thanks for your intro. Many on the list will watching your progress, as will I. I would love to see Linux available to larger organisations in my country. I plan to make it so - hence my interest in your interest. ;-)

I am a radio ham as well, though not particularly active. I am waiting for a high-data-rate AMSAT to be built, then I will be keen.

kind regards, and welcome to Linux. Steve - ZL1BHD (big hard disk) 8-))

Matt Loretitsch wrote:

I certainly do work for the legendary Bird Electronic Corp... Haha :)  I'm
also a ham radio operator.... N8QBD

Well let me give you some background.  In house we have an engineering
facility, paint shop, machine shop, assembly, and offices.  (Forgive me if
this is too basic)  We use software to control everything from buying
supplies, tracking engineering revisions, to shipping out the door.  This is
commonplace in the manufacturing world.

The main goal here is to collect labor hours and view company drawings.
Drawings are easy enough... Pdf or TIFF images of engineering drawings.
This assists the machine shop and assembly lines.  Labor collection is just
tracking how many man hours it takes to do certain jobs so we can assign
costs to them.  How much does it cost to build a 43 wattmeter?  We need the
labor cost to know that.  Anyhow... They use their employee badges to swipe
in and out of jobs with simple card swipes at the PC.  They hook inline with
the keyboard and just read they ID number.  They can also type it in if they
wise.  Also, many of the jobs have associated bar codes with them... For
this we use hand held laser scanners.

We are strictly a Win***s house... But licensing office and windows on top
of computer hardware is sort of silly for us to collect hours and view
drawings, maybe an occasional word document.

This is still in the early stages, but I am fortunate to have a very forward
thinking boss.  I have a 5 user setup here just for IT use....heck, mostly
for fun haha although I use ethereal a lot for network stuff.  I chose
K12LTSP because it is more turn key...  I had to join the domain, add some
printers, and stop dhcp from loading :)  I use a Netscreen firewall to get
it out onto the net.  SINGLE network card installation.  HP4000m switches in
house with 3 fiber backbones in a "mesh" configuration.  You can break any
two anywhere and it'll keep going.  Fiber you say?  In house?  Well of
course!  We have 70kw transmitters running out there...fiber is impervious
to RF energy.  Actually we tested the copper runs too with a Frequency
Analyzer... The levels induced in the cable were somewhere around -90db
which in layman's terms is VERY low... Practically background noise.

So... After that dissertation....That is where we would like to be in the
future.  We considered Citrix... It's very costly.  I used to work for a
high school so I am very budget conscious.

Glad to see a Bird fan out there :)  No, no distribution haha! And yes,
we've been around since 1952.  I've only been around since 1978 and here at
Bird since 1997 *grins*

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From: Steve Wright [mailto:paua quicksilver net nz] Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 4:51 PM
To: k12osn redhat com
Subject: [K12OSN] <OT> big companies was:RPM Segmentation Fault (we've
covered this somewhere)

Matt Loretitsch wrote:

Hi All!

Well great news here.....We are getting to go ahead to start working

on a 30 workstation install. This is not educational, but buisness instead. We have been using k12ltsp because it is fairly turn key and nicely laid out. I'm a happy camper :)

Cool.. You are with 'Bird' - the people who have been making RF test equipment for decades ?

If you are able, would you tell us about your plans for your K12LTSP install ?

Who will be using the system ?
What will they use it for ?  (engineering / admin / development) Will you
modify and redistribute (heh, "Bird Linux")

I admin a school K12LTSP system, but Businesses *love* it, and they want to *pay* me, no less.. 8-)


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