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Re: [K12OSN] ATTN: Redhat Developers (OT)

An interesting rant, and pre-apt-get for RPMs I have "felt the pain" on RH
distros.  Debian (and derivatives) have always had the jump on RH with the
real "apt-get".  Mandrake (know it or not) has definitely lead the way on
RPM management with their packaging system (urpmi just plain works).  But
I'd say that now, with RPM enabled apt-get, *what* is the problem?  Where's
the grief?

If you don't like that you can try Ximian's Redcarpet or RH's own RHN.  How
about loading checkinstall and rolling your own apps from scratch? ;-)

I've been through the pain of RH RPM dependencies, rounding up all the
right RPMs and installing them in the right order.  That's one thing that
made Mandrake so appealing--never had to deal with that.

RPM hell is nothing compared to .dll hell of years gone by.  I think the
stries in the openSource arena far and away beat what we've seen in the

It will only get better.  I've been playing with Linux since RH 5.2.  The
development curve has been simply incredible!

Besides the QA behind the RH distros is second to none...

Now if you really want to avoid RPM dependency issues, install Debian or
Knoppix and be done with it...

Or, if you have decent HW & a fast connection, there's always Gentoo...

Packaging is not the problem, what you want is intelligent PACKAGE
MANAGEMENT.  It's here and it's getting refined...

James Jensen
Spurs 1 - Nets 0

--- cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us wrote:
> First of all, let me say I am still a Redhat fan and Redhat remains my
> Distro of choice. However, there has to be something done about the way
> Redhat handles packages. Someone on another list summed it up best when
> he
> said:
> Most other distros have a package system that's aware of what's needed
> for
> packages, is aware of where to get the dependencies, and is willing to
> get
> them and install them for you automatically. For what it's worth, this
> very problem is why I quit using RedHat.
> I can't help but agree with that point. The number one reason people stop
> using Redhat (or never start in the first place) is because of the
> package
> management. I could go on and on but you get the idea of this message. I
> think I am speaking for the entire community when I ask the developers:
> Are there any plans for revamping the package management in Redhat? Must
> we continue to strip out up2date and the such in order to replace it with
> apt-get or another package? How much longer will "RPM hell" continue to
> be
> the blotch that runs so many away from the Redhat Linux Distribution?
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