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Re: [K12OSN] Booting Macintosh Thin Clients

With 5260's, I had an experience similar to Chuck's--the SONIC-T cards won't work. I used a Macsense, and it worked like a champ with Skip Gaede's MkLinux kernel. It's on http://www.ltsp.org/contrib, along with directions to make it work.

Note that, due to the 10Mb/Halfduplex operation, K12LTSP'ing the 5260's won't be nearly as snappy as a newer G3/G4 w/ a 10/100 card, but it will still outperform what the 5260 itself would do. I've gotten it to work at 640x480x256 colors only, though, but if you tell KDE to use small icons, it actually looks pretty good.

BTW, Skip's instructions recommend making a swap partition on the 5260's. I've found that this isn't necessary. However, my experience is that, with the kernel you'll get on www.ltsp.org/contrib, you need 32MB DRAM for the MkLinux kernel to boot. I think Chuck got it to work with 16MB (I'd love to know how he did that--hint hint).

Hope this helps,


Dennis Lundberg wrote:

I recall a discussion about booting Macintosh Thin Clients to a K12LTSP
server a while back but cannot find it. Can someone point me in the right
direction for Macintosh booting - if possible? I am looking at some 5260s
and G3s.

Dennis Lundberg

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