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Re: [K12OSN] Bandwidth...

What's the max bandwidth of your wireless system? Also, is wireless access running half-duplex or full-duplex (I think it's half)?

As for the 10Mbps hub, that will certainly be slow for two reasons:

1.) You're running half-duplex. Only switches are capable of running full duplex, and then only if the client's NIC supports it. You're going to see all sorts of collisions on that hub, and that will slow things down.

2.) 10Mbps is kinda slow for X11 in my experience anyway. To get some data on this, I gave TuxType a whirl (the fancy one with the penguin running around eating the fish), and one 10/100 (full duplex, BTW) thin client sucked up 73Mbps of BW. Yep, 73Mbps. The fact that this app does constant animation makes it great for tests like this.


Tait Shrum wrote:

We are trying to setup a server for a educator's tech conference in a couple weeks. We are gonna need a wireless bridge between where our server is gonna be and where a couple workstations are gonna be in our booth. When I run a couple workstations over our new 54g wireless access points, it gets slow. We also have a Orinoco long range wireless kit that we use when we have major fiber issues - LTSP is slow there as well. I've tried a 10 Mbps hub and it seem slow then too. I guess I'm curious if there is anything we can do to make the 54g wireless access points to work? Eric or anyone else, can you give any advice? Thanks,
Tait Shrum

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