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Re: [K12OSN] xbox as thin client for k12ltsp

If you want some really good thin clients, just head to any used PC store (out here in the DC area it's called Computer Renaissance) and buy a bunch of older Dells or something. They make kick-butt thin clients and are usually about $130 apiece. This is for Pentium II-300's with 128MB DRAM and decent video boards. Pull the hard disks, stick boot floppies in 'em, and you're done. Keyboards and mice are totally standard and cheap. Simple.

Remember, you do *not* need a lot of horsepower on the thin client. That $130 box I just described is so far overkill that you might even consider making an openMosix cluster out of 'em. Buy 'em in bulk, and you'll likely get 'em for less than that.


Barry Smoke wrote:

Has anyone researched what it would take to make an xbox a thin client...
$179 price tag makes it appealing, and using the xbox development software, I'm sure a boot disk could be made that would not require a mod chip.
of course, with a mod chip, the software could be placed right on the hard drive, and run.
add a keyboard, and mouse(xbox usb adapter to pc usb), and you are set...

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