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[K12OSN] downloading K12LTSP-3.1.0

Thank you Eric, Paul and all you K12OSN people for organising an
Australian mirror (Planet Mirror) to carry K12LTSP (plus I see that your
mirrors worldwide has _exploded_ to quite a list).  I'm getting good
download times as I type this compared against crossing the Pacific to
sites in the States :-)).  So far, 20 hours downloading and I've got
240Mb of disk 1!! Don't laugh - that's good going ;-) 

Now, if only they offered your files available to their rsync server
daemon ... hmmm ... anything you guys can do to push them in that
direction?  I've sent a polite email to the Planet Mirror admin, but too
early for a reply from them yet.  (the files are available by anon FTP,
but excluded from their rsync service for some reason)


	Gavin Chester
	mailto: gc gwchester com
	962 Williams Rd, Dwellingup, Western Australia 6213
	Tel: (08)95381102  Fax: (08)95381409

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