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Re: [K12OSN] GRUB and Freeze

On Thu, 5 Jun 2003, Jim Rich wrote:

>Hi All
>I have installed 3.1.0 pre7.  I took all of the defaults.
>Linux is the only OS installed.
>The problem: When I turn on the pc it goes thru post and
>hangs after displaying 
>What do I do now?

I used to know all sorts of hacks to bring LILO back from the dead.
GRUB has always "just worked" for me, so those skill are a bit rusty...

First, you can boot the system using the install CD's rescue mode:


I did a quick search at http://www.google.com/linux for "grub" and
"restore", here's a few of the links:


If all else fails, here's one thing I've done in the past and it worked...
boot off the install discs, select "upgrade", and while you are going
through the upgrade process (which won't actually update any packages),
you can choose to re-write the bootloader.


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