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Re: [K12OSN] apt-get question

--- Daniel Loomis <dloomis cox-internet com> wrote:
> I have recently started using apt-get with RH 9 and love it.  I had
> played 
> around with it a little experimenting with Debian, but having it work
> with 
> RedHat rpms is truly a blessing.  Sure beats rpm dependency hell!
> I do have a question:  How or where do I find a current listing of the
> files 
> available from the various servers?  The man pages don't indicate a
> 'list' 
> command option for apt-get.  The sources are given in /etc/apt but there
> does 
> not appear to be a listing of packages available.  Is there a command or
> do 
> you have to go directly to the sites listed in /etc/apt?
> Dan
> --------------
> Daniel Loomis
> Curmudgeon Manor
> El Dorado, AR
> dloomis cox-internet com

I'm not aware of a command line option in apt-get that allows you to see
what's avaialbe where.  I'm sure there is a way to pull that information
but I don't know how yet.  However, you can use Synaptic (GUI front-end to
apt) to see what's installed, what's not installed but available from your
sources list, search/filter for a particular package, etc.  It seems to
work fine.

One thing you might watch for is version conflicts between Fedora &
Freshrpms packages.  I had them both in my /etc/apt/sources.list and
noticed that when I did an "apt-get install [package]" that it pulled an
older version of the package that I wanted from Fedora instead of the newer
version from Freshrpms.

So here's what I do (cumbersome as it may sound, it's really not so bad), I
edit sources.list and comment out Fedora & Freshrpms.  So whenever I am
doing an "apt-get upgrade" it will only pull updates for the distro from
the "official" repository.  When I want something else that I know is
available from Fedora or Freshrpms I uncomment their respective lines and
do the "apt-get install [package]".

You can do the same with Synaptic (disable/enable sources).  Easy.

YUM looks similarly good too but I haven't played with it much at all

James Jensen
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