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Re: [K12OSN] upgrades as opposed to updates

--- Julius Szelagiewicz <julius turtle com> wrote:
> Dear Folks,
> 	a silly question: what do you do to *upgrade* remote servers?
> apt-get is great for updates and can keep all your systems easily
> updated.
> Then comes a new release, say 3.1.0, and you test it and you like it, and
> you install it on all local servers, and then there are those remote
> servers from 100 to 2000 miles away, and you want to have all the
> servers running essentially same software, but you don't have the time to
> travel ...
> 	advice? tia, julius
> p.s. rsync is a nice idea, but when you blow away the libraries it
> depends on, things can get ugly

You can do a full distro upgrade with apt-get--"apt-get dist-upgrade".

It worked great for my Debian based box way back when, and it worked just
fine for me when I went to K12LTSP 3.1.0.  (Of course, standard disclaimers
would apply as always ;-)

See the apt-get manpage for more information on this commandline option...

James Jensen

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