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Re: [K12OSN] upgrades as opposed to updates

--- Steve Wright <paua quicksilver net nz> wrote:
> Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> >Dear Folks,
> >	a silly question: what do you do to *upgrade* remote servers?
> >apt-get is great for updates and can keep all your systems easily
> updated.
> >Then comes a new release, say 3.1.0, and you test it and you like it,
> and
> >you install it on all local servers, and then there are those remote
> >servers from 100 to 2000 miles away, and you want to have all the
> >servers running essentially same software, but you don't have the time
> to
> >travel ...
> >
> Login remotely and backup, backup, backup, - take it all offsite.
> Get a kickstart install setup how you like it, and then snail-mail the 
> CDset and floppy with kickstart on to the site.
> Get on the phone with someone you trust at this site and baby-set them 
> through the install process (relatively trivial).  As soon as you can 
> log back in to this machine, kick them off, change root password, and 
> thank them kindly for their time.  ;-)
> /sw

Probably the safer/saner answer for long-distance remote upgrades to be

Still my experience with "apt-get dist-upgrade" has been nothing but good.

Another course of action would be to create a set of Mondo Rescue CD's
(ISOs, tapes, whatever--it backs up to virtually anything) for each box,
and then you could try the "dist-upgrade" option.  If anything borked you
could be back in business within minutes with Mondo...

James Jensen

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