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Re: [K12OSN] Using screensaver to kick out users?

--- Daniel Loomis <dloomis cox-internet com> wrote:
> Espen,
> There is a perl script written by Peter Billson in the Contrib section of
> the 
> LTSP site for Kiosk Reset in an internet cafe setting.  It runs a series
> of 
> killall commands to terminate running programs whenever the screensaver
> kicks 
> in.  You might be able to adapt it for logging out users as well.
> Dan
> --------------
> Daniel Loomis
> Curmudgeon Manor
> El Dorado, AR
> dloomis cox-internet com

Speaking of ending processes, I have a cron job that runs a backup script
daily.  Problem is neither the script nor the backup app PIDs go away when
completed.  Cron is, well, odd to begin with but it the processes should
end when the job is completed.  Does anyone have an example of a line I
could add to my shell script that would end it and the backup app when

James Jensen

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