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Re: yum as well -- was: Re: [K12OSN] apt-get question

--- R P Herrold <herrold owlriver com> wrote:
> On Sat, 7 Jun 2003, James Jensen wrote:
> > So here's what I do (cumbersome as it may sound, it's really not so
> bad), I
> > edit sources.list and comment out Fedora & Freshrpms.  So whenever I am
> > doing an "apt-get upgrade" it will only pull updates for the distro
> from
> > the "official" repository.  When I want something else that I know is
> > available from Fedora or Freshrpms I uncomment their respective lines
> and
> > do the "apt-get install [package]".
> > YUM looks similarly good too but I haven't played with it much at all
> > yet...
> yum will co-exist just fine with other installers and 
> updaters.  The 'gymnastics' needed of commenting out and 
> re-commenting others are not needed with yum.  It 
> intentionally is configurable to look at differing 
> repositories by specifying laternate configuration files:
>     yum update
> will reference /etc/yum.conf (which might be an official 
> mirror)
>     yum -c /etc/yum-freshrpms.conf install mplayer
> will reference /etc/yum-freshrpms.conf (which might point at 
> Matthias' FreshRPMs archive, and in this instance solve and 
> install mplayer (which does not ship with Red Hat)
> and so forth.  BUT WAIT, there's more ...
> At the time this option ('-c') was introduced, at my request,
> addition of symbolic and positional variables were also added
> to yum, along with the addition of 'URL' accessible
> configuration files.  I published sample GPL code to take
> advantage of the power to have a central PHP script, web
> accessible, to dispatch yum to look at an archive, possible
> updated fro raw .ISOs.  This permits 'up2date' -like
> web-management of hosts through yum with a single 
> configuration and a bit of back end scripting.
> See the code and discussion at:
> 	http://www.owlriver.com/support/yum/
> -- Russ Herrold

Nice.  Yeah, you can call different source lists from apt-get too I guess I
could do that instead of calling up pico and removing the "#" when I want
specific installations...

I will have to take another look at yum.  I get into the "if it ain't broke
don't fix it" mode sometimes and that is not always the ideal mindset--if
you can't take a chance that you might break something how much innovation
would there be? ;-)

Ever since I blew away all my initscripts and had to fight to get a server
back, I've learned there's just about nothing you can't do, or learn how to
do with GNU/Linux...

James Jensen

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