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[K12OSN] <OT> yum+bind was: yum as well was: apt-get question

R P Herrold wrote:

BUT WAIT, there's more ...

At the time this option ('-c') was introduced, at my request,
addition of symbolic and positional variables were also added
to yum, along with the addition of 'URL' accessible
configuration files. I published sample GPL code to take
advantage of the power to have a central PHP script, web
accessible, to dispatch yum to look at an archive, possible
updated fro raw .ISOs. This permits 'up2date' -like
web-management of hosts through yum with a single configuration and a bit of back end scripting.

Very nice. Hi Russ. haven't 'seen' ya for a while.

Can I use yum+BIND9 to create a download hiearchy ?

The idea would be to ;

Mirror sites in my country download from the nearest or central repository(ies)

Local gateways update via these mirrors, and cache the results

Hosts on the internal LANs use the cache on the gateway

The whole lot is managed with a BIND 'tree' to find the 'nearest' host who has that package, viz DNS caching etc.

Security would be paramount, since an attack on one of the central reposititories could maliciously destroy a LOT of computers.

I see the whole 'Internet' updating itself on-the-fly, fully cached and auto-resolved.

<dream mode=off>

<work mode=on> 8-/


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