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Re: [K12OSN] <OT> yum+bind was: yum as well was: apt-get question

On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, James Jensen wrote:

> > This works fine for autorpm for pre RHL 7.0 host maintenance.
> > 
> > -- Russ Herrold
> Time for a Wiki page on the merits & usage of yum Russ!
> If you don't do it, I will simply cut & paste you mails to it! ;-)

no wiki for me, thanks -- I have found it too hard to lose
things in them.  And I would suggest against it anyway.  
Google does it better, and keeps up with changes at primary

   We run three major content series at Owl River -- 
	http://www.owlriver.com/tips/ - and -
based in some part from editted and generalized notes from 
commercial and developmental efforts.  And of course a Google 
search specific for the site is at:

-- Russ Herrold

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