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Re: [K12OSN] clusetKnoppix (LTSP+openMosix live server CD)

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response.

It is a little bid funny that google search brought me to my previous
posting with solution


My problem is that I download the iso image on a Win machine with
broadband connection.  The said machine has a Sony CD-Writer with only
4MB buffer working at 12X 8X 32X speed and running Easy CD creator.  It
is not feasible to buy another Samsung CD-Writer with 8MB buffer to
solve the problem.  The Sony CD-Writer is working fine without problem
in burning Redhat ISO images only having problem in burning Debian
image.  Maybe the later requires more buffer.

If I could not find a solution then I have to download the iso image
again on the Samsung CD-Writer machine.


On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 04:37, Steve Wright wrote:
> Stephen Liu wrote:
> >
> > Write error - buffer underrun occurred
> ALWAYS go to google and search for the error first.
> Swipe the error with your mouse,
> click www.google.com
> paste error in, get *instant* reply.
> If you still are confused, /then/ ask.
> regards,
> Steve

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