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486's as thin-clients (Was: Re: [K12OSN] xbox as thin client for k12ltsp)

The Prolinea 466 has one PCI slot (in which went a 10/100 NIC) and on-board
Cirruc Logic video (I had to change to XSERVER=XF86_SVGA in lts.conf to get
it to play).  It also has 8mb onboard RAM, I added another 32MB in the 4
slots for 40MB RAM total.  Plenty to run it as an LTSP thin-client and it
works nicely...

Amazingly enough you can bump this old dog all the way to 128MB RAM.  Not
practical in any scenario, IMO. A 486 with 128MB RAM--but the BIOS/arch.
will support it.  Go figure, LOL!

I've never tried an ISA video card with LTSP, so I can't help you much
there.  Start with XSERVER=XF86_SVGA and you will probably have to add
kernel module options specific for the ISA video card in lts.conf since
it's probably not going to autodetect (if I am not mistaken).

James Jensen

--- Petre Scheie <petre maltzen net> wrote:
> Do those Prolinea's come with built-in video or PCI slots?  I can get 
> ISA NIC cards working, but I've not had much luck getting ISA video 
> cards to work, and the 486 systems I have all have just ISA slots, no 
> PCI.  I've got a customer who has a bunch of 'all-in-one' Compaq 486s (I 
> forget the model) currently running DOS.  I think they might work as 
> LTSP clients, but I'm not sure about being able to get decent video 
> performance on them.
> Petre
> James Jensen wrote:
> >Case in point, I have a couple of ancient compaq Prolinea 466 (486/66
> >w/40MB RAM, 10/100 NICs) that would have *surely* ended up in the trash,
> >but they make fine thin-clients.  How much would you pay for one of
> those?
> >$5?  LOL!
> >
> >But they work just fine as LTSP thin-clients...
> >
> >James Jensen


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