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openMosix/LTSP Questions (Was: Re: [K12OSN] OT: Hardware question for thin client)

Sure, I would make them part of the backend if they are just going to be
sitting there (and they are NOT too slow--otherwise you won't see much if
any benefit).  I would a) make sure everyone understands to leave them
on--as they will effectively be part of your server and b) seperate your
cluster (backend) network traffic from your LTSP client traffic--just to be
safe and not slow down your clients.

That's my take FWIW, as always! <grin>

James Jensen

--- James Vasey - LTSP <ltsp regionalservers com> wrote:
> For a school client we have got a bunch of 15-20 workstations that we
> want to use just for clustering in our server room, not for child use,
> there would be no problem using them in that environment though?
> We've already planned using other workstations as terminals, and these
> are just surplus - hopefully photos throughout August as we do the
> conversion!
> James
> James Jensen <jmsjnsnsatx yahoo com> wrote ..
> > :-) Yes... I think you and I are saying the same thing...
> > 
> > Don't cluster the clients, just the servers.
> > 

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