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[K12OSN] [Fwd: locked down desktop....was k12ltsp and kde]

--- Begin Message --- Caleb Wagnon wrote:

How many terminals are you running with KDE? You get up to about 20 and above you'll see DCOP errors left and right after a while.

we have 5, just for the demo.....

I'd like to see a minimalist desktop, with icons just for what you want particular logins to see, like one student login, for all kindergarten through 4th grade....where they get a minimal desktop, with icons for tuxtype, tuxmath, gcompris, tuxpaint, mozilla, etc...

is there a way to have certain machines skip login(auto login) with a particular user account?

I'd like to use one k12ltsp box, for a lab, and for our kindergarten-4th grade test....

I'd like k-4 to auto login, with minimal desktop(kind of like a locked down winu desktop)
but the lab, get gdm-greeter.

possible via mac address....or static ip's....scripted somehow....?

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