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[K12OSN] ESD problem


 Some days ago I've posted  a message about a sound problem with kde and esd. 
 As I thought it was a KDE problem I tried Gnome an the results were the same ( the
 sound started and crashed a few moments later ).
  The command netstat in a server terminal window shows this message:

proto  Recv-Q  Send-Q  Local Address         Foreign Address          Status                                        
tcp           0               0          Servlinux2:32939     ws001:16001         ESTABLISHED
tcp           0           23169     Servlinux2:32939     ws001:16001         FIN_WAIT1            *After the sound crash.

After reading the manpage of netstat, it looks like a workstation sound esd or drive problem.
When I type esd in the workstation bash (Runlevel 3), nothing happens, but there is a start
-up message saying: accepting connections on port 16001!!!

Does anyone knows what should I do or Who should I look for in order to solve this ??
Any tip will be very useful.

Thank you in advance

Leonardo Jr.


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